Photographic Emulsion Cleaner 4 oz spray

Photographic Emulsion Cleaner 4 oz spray
Works as advertised. A friend asked me to restore a photograph that had salsa on it. I decided to try this product to reduce the level of stain before I did my restoration scan. I'm glad I scanned one time before using the cleaner. It took off a little more than I wanted. My fault as maybe I used too much pressure. Read and follow the instructions

I'm in the process of scanning more than a thousand Kodachrome slides (some 60 years old) and a huge quantity of photographs and negatives. Some of the photographs have been handled well, others not so well and are extremely dirty. With the Photographic Emulsion cleaner I've been able to remove spots, mold, even the dirt from 50 year old fingerprints. It's worked near miracles. There are some flaws that won't go away, the instructions clearly state that if the product doesn't work the first time, don't try a second, it can't remove every spot and repeated use may damage the emulsion. Certain emulsions will not tolerate the cleaner, a test procedure is outlined on the bottle. The cleaner has an extremely potent odor. If you're doing more than one or two photographs you need to get away from your work area to use it-leaving a window cracked open isn't a bad idea. It doesn't take much, just a little squirt on a cloth, don't use it at all unless a photograph needs it. It looks like this one container may see me through the entire project.

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Product Description PEC-12 Photographic Emulsion Cleaner is an archival, non-water based cleaner for color & black and white prints, slides and negatives. PEC-12 removes ink, finger oils, adhesives, mildew and other non-water based stains. In many cases, PEC-12 removes grease pencil, adhesive residue, finger oils, ball-point pen, fungus, smoke & soot damage, laser separation oil and most permanent inks. Containing no water, PEC-12 dries instantly with no emulsion swelling and leaves no residue. PEC-12 is also available in a convenient 32 ounce refill.

Product Features
• Trusted by the world's most prestigious photographers, labs, museums and publishers
• Removes virtually all non-water based stains from color and B&W slides, negatives and prints
• Containing no water, PEC-12 dries instantly with no emulsion swelling and leaves no residue.
• Made In the USA

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